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Sticky Green's Party Staat Mixtape Sampler pt.1-Smugglaztv.mp3

06-Runnin' Wild-Sticky Green ft. Baby Grhyme-Party Staat Mixtape.mp3

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Runnin Wild

07-Good Now-Sticky Green-Party Staat Mixtape.mp3

08-Letter 2 God-Sticky Green ft. Blessed-Party Staat Mixtape.mp3

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Letter 2 God

09-Heaven only knows-Sticky Green-Party Staat Mixtape.mp3

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Heaven Only Knows

10-Ride-Sticky Green-Party Staat Mixtape.mp3

11.Sticky Icky-Sticky Green-Party Staat Mixtape.mp3

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Sticky Icky

12-Pain-Sticky Green-Party Staat Mixtape.mp3

13-Leavin 'em all-Sticky Green-Party Staat Mixtape.mp3

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Leavin 'em All

14-Da Kids-Sticky Green.mp3

Free Download:

Da Kids

"PARTY STAAT Mixtape Volume 1". It's a collection of music that ranges from topics of God to the streets to even addressing critics of the music of The Smugglaz. There is also a sneak peek at some of the songs on the upcoming Sticky Green album that includes features from artists like Don Million. Other guest artists on this project include two time Juno Award Winning Artist Blessed, R Low Music's femme fatale mc Baby Grhyme, Stump of Point Blank, and other upcoming artists.

Sticky Green of the infamous Smugglaz "PARTY STAAT"

Jane-Finch's own Killah Keez "Smile" & "Pain"

 2 Time Juno Award Winning Reggae Artist Blessed 

"Letter 2 God"

New Toronto Femme Fatale MC from R-LOW Music

Baby Grhyme

"Runnin' Wild"

"I'm A Hustla" ft. Point Blank Member Stump *snippet*

D' Mac The Artist (centre)

1. Where I'm From
2. Sticky Run This Town
3. Alone in the Streets
4. Smile ft. Killah Keez
5. Celebrate ft. Bone Gangsta
6. Runnin' Wild ft. Baby Ghryme
7. Good Now
8. Letter 2 God ft. Blessed
9. Heaven
10. Ride ft. D'Mac The Artist
11. Sticky Icky
12. Pain
13. Leave 'Em All
14. Da Kids

Bonus: Album cuts exclusives

Never Leave, What's Going On ft. Don Million, Get Drunk

15. I'm a Hustla ft. Point Blank member Stump *snippet*



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